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What to Expect

Initial Evaluation   

In order to treat a patient successfully and eliminate their pain, a licensed physical therapist must first discover what is clinically wrong with them.  What is the cause of the patients’ pain? A comprehensive 60 minute initial evaluation with a licensed physical therapist will be performed. The therapist will look for:

  • Muscle weakness/imbalances/tightness 

  • Muscle imbalances 

  • Tight muscles 

  • Poor flexibility 

  • Poor postures/misalignment 

  • Stiff joints 

  • Loose joints (ligament laxities)

  • Pinched nerves 

  • Abnormal biomechanics

How long is the initial evaluation?

  • Evaluation appointments are typically 1-11/2 hours in duration and are offered within 24 hours of your initial contact with our office.  On that day you will be evaluated and treated by your therapist and will typically receive some form of home exercise instruction and education regarding your condition and future treatment. Each patient is asked to bring their insurance card, photo ID and their doctor’s prescription/referral to their first visit. 

What to wear?

  • Loose fitting/comfortable clothing. 

    • Sweat pants, shorts, T-shirts, and tank tops are all appropriate

  • We ask that you wear clothing that is conducive to the therapist being able to get to the body part being treated.  


Patient Education

Effective communication leads to better results.  
Upon completion of your initial evaluation, we will discuss with you the following:

  • Clinical Findings (What is causing your pain?)   

  • Treatment Plan (What are we going to do to get you better?) 

  • Goals (What do you want to achieve with physical therapy?)   

  • What activities you should avoid /injury prevention?

  • Home exercise program/Patient education 



Hands On Manual Therapy

Hands on manual therapy is the most effective tool a physical therapist can utilize to evaluate and treat dysfunction (i.e. tight muscles, stiff joints).  Techniques to improve function, motion, and strength through functional mobilization and neuromuscular re-education will be performed by your licensed physical therapist ultimately progressing you towards your premorbid level of function.



Therapeutic Exercises

All patients perform a comprehensive supervised therapeutic exercise program which can include some of the following:  

  • Strengthening/Core and Endurance Exercises 

  • Flexibility Exercises

  • Balance and Agility training/Sport specific training

  • Proprioceptive/ Coordination/Gait training 

  • Comprehensive Home Program To Supplement Therapy



Subsequent Treatment Visits 


20-30 minutes of hands-on manual therapy with the same physical therapist is provided at each treatment visit.  Because a physical therapist treats you at every session we are able to progress you more quickly and make modifications in your treatment that lead to greater success in therapy getting you better faster.  You can expect to be in our facility for approximately one hour for each treatment as exercise, modalities, and patient education as needed will be provided.


Upon Discharge from therapy at PhysioLogic a comprehensive home program will have been developed to suit your specific needs.  Injury prevention principles will have also been covered throughout the course of your treatment with us to keep you safe, injury free, and healthy.


Post-Rehabilitation Program/Wellness


 We offer for all of our discharged patients to continue using our facilities through our post-rehab program.  Patients are able to continue their exercise regime under the distant supervision of their therapist thereby affording them the opportunity to maintain better health and wellness.

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