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About Us


PhysioLogic Physical Therapy PC is a physical therapist owned private practice, that was established in 1990.  PhysioLogic PT, PC is dedicated to delivering the highest level of physical therapy care to our patients and committed to helping all of those whose lives we touch.  Our unwavering focus is to help our patients feel better; so that they can get back to doing the things they love and live a better life.

No one should have to live in pain. Our goal at PhysioLogic Physical Therapy is not only to eliminate your pain, but also to improve your ability to function without limitations...and we’ve achieved one success after another doing just that. One of the reasons for our impressive success is our experienced staff of licensed physical therapists comprised of nationally-recognized specialists in orthopedic and sports manual physical therapy. What’s more, we’re the area’s only physical therapy practice where you’ll work solely with a licensed physical therapist throughout each and every treatment session. That way, you can be assured of the best possible treatment based on your own unique needs.

When you come to PhysioLogic Physical Therapy, you’ll receive extensive hands-on manual therapy and you’ll perform a comprehensive, personally-supervised exercise program. We believe the success of your therapy depends on quality care that can best be administered one-on-one working with a skilled physical therapist. Your health is vital and at PhysioLogic Physical Therapy we never lose sight of that fact – which is why we make sure you’ll always receive the highest level of physical therapy services available. It’s all part of our dedication to each patient and our commitment to achieving the results you want.


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